Atlas Loan Online

Atlas Loan Online
Atlas Loan Online

Atlas Loan Online have created a simple way to apply at the comfort of your own time and place now you can apply online on the website its easy no queues all is easy and it takes 5 minutes to apply if you qualify the loan is approved in 24 hours they just made it easy for you get the best in time with Atlas Loan Online.

What you need to apply:

  • Identity document.
  • Payslip.
  • Proof of residence.

Atlas Loan Online offers loans from R1000 – R8000 term oof 1 – 6 months, low-interest rates, easy online application online, a fixed repayment term of the loan and the fast approval of the loan Atlas Loan Online knows what their clients want.

Contact details
Call us on 0800 204 679

Atlas Loan Online
Atlas Loan Online

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